remodeling fort collinsYou’re planning for a home remodel, and you’re starting to get excited! It might be your kitchen, your basement, a whole floor, or even just a single bathroom, but you’ve got a pretty good handle on what you want, from the materials to the colors to the timeline, and you’re ready to start budgeting and looking for a contractor to do the work.

So, you send out your queries and the quotes come back, and then the lowest bid winsright?

Well, not so fast.

Sometimes the best bid, and the best value on the table, isn’t the lowest offer. Here’s why:

1. Unusually Low Bids Might Not Be Accurate, or Honest

Some contractors will intentionally toss out lowball bids as a negotiating strategy to get you roped in. These quotes will often omit specific details regarding materials and work needed, as well as explanations and on-site consultations.

According to a 2007 Wall Street Journal Article, “Construction firms often make unrealistically low bids to get jobs… but they can count on finding plenty of reasons later to jack the price up enough to allow for a profit. When the building is underway, it becomes prohibitively expensive to fire the contractor and start anew. The owner has become a hostage.”

If your contractor doesn’t put in the time to give you a complete and detailed estimate up-front, there’s good reason to think that their goal posts are going to move as soon as you start working with them.

2. You Get What You Pay For

To stay in business, all contractors have to make a profit. So, if you receive a number of quotes and one is 15-20% lower than the others, it might mean that that team is going to be rushing the work, cutting corners, using low-quality labor, or playing games to make up the difference in cost.

Craftsmanship takes time, so invest in a team of professionals who will do the job right and give it the time it deserves.

3. They May Have Left Something Out

Compare the bids carefully. It’s sometimes possible one bidder has left out a portion of the project intentionally or unintentionally. This will lower the cost, true, but you’ll be in for an unpleasant surprise later on when you realize that your project won’t be finished when your contractor is finished with it.

4. The Bidder Might Not Be Legitimate

Sometimes low bidders aren’t licensed or insured contractors at all. Instead, they’re working under the table, using low prices to turn projects around quickly without properly permitting the work or doing their due diligence, and that can lead to big problems for you if someone is hurt, if they walk away from the job with your deposit before it’s finished, if they do poor quality work, or if your less-than-legal project is eventually found out in the future.

These “contractors” leave a black mark on the industry. Make sure that your chosen business is properly licensed, insured, and committed to high-quality craftsmanship.

Work with Your Local Fort Collins Home Remodeling Experts-

If you’ve been seriously considering moving forward with a home remodeling project, it’s important to take the time to find a contractor you can trust, and with the reviews and references to back up their past performance.

So, we hope this blog helps you to understand why the lowest bid might not be the right way to go. At Artisan Remodeling & Design, we work hard every day to be just that kind of contractor.

When we provide a bid, it is 100% all-inclusive – the price you see is the price you’ll pay. No surprise billings! Additionally, we are licensed, insured, and take our work and reputation very seriously. When you hire us, you’re choosing a company that puts quality, integrity, and communication above all else. Check out our portfolio of recent jobs to see what we can do for you! 

Despite the high standards quality standards of United States public water systems, a huge proportion of US homeowners choose to filter their drinking water, whether from concerns over safety, purity, or taste. But what about your bathroom water supply? 

Are there any reasons why you would consider adding a residential water filter to treat the water you used to shower, shave, and brush your teeth?


  • Safe Does Not Mean Pure


Public water utilities in the United States are closely monitored and tested for safety on an ongoing basis—but there are widespread issues and numerous areas across the nation where water supplies aren’t making the cut. 

Even putting aside tragic cases like Flint Michigan (where cost-cutting practices caused widespread damage to the pipe system, resulting in massive lead exposure and poisoning) public water services here in Colorado contain various treatments like chlorine and fluoride which are used to keep the water safe for the public.

But safe does not mean pure, and these additives and their byproducts are believed to have long-term side effects that likely include an increased risk of cancer. 

Private well water is generally even worse, as wells are exempt from Environmental Protection Agency drinking water regulations. Well water is routinely contaminated by fertilizer or pesticide runoff, farm waste, landfill seepage, or damaged septic systems. In particular, well water has been linked to several recent US outbreaks of norovirus, salmonella, and hepatitis as well as arsenic exposure.


  • Even If You Aren’t Drinking Unfiltered Water, Contaminates Can Affect You


A wide number of publicly accessible studies have concluded that even if you aren’t drinking contaminated water, simply bathing or showering in it will dramatically increase the dose of contaminates your body receives on a daily basis. 

Trihalomethanes (THMs) such as chloroforms, bromoforms, and haloacetic acid are the most common culprits, and exist in water supplies as a byproduct of those same public water sterilization treatments. They’ve been linked to increase risk of asthma, lung irritation, and cancer, and when you shower you absorb them, either through directly through your skin or through water vapor as you breathe.

By installing a whole-house water filter or a premium showerhead water filter you make sure that you are completely eliminating exposure to (and immersion in) water containing any of these contaminates. 


  • It’s Really Good For Your Skin


High levels of chlorine and fluoride in water (especially hot water) tends to dehydrate and irritate the skin, making issues like acne, eczema, and dandruff much worse than they might otherwise be. Filtering and softening that water can give the body a chance to heal and recover from the problem. 

Many homeowners report noticeably softer and healthier skin within just a few weeks after switching to a filtered showerhead!


  • It’s Really Good For Your Hair As Well


Chlorine and hard water attack hair the same way it attacks skin, dehydrating and damaging your hair’s luster and volume and interfering with soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. 


  • It Will Stop Lime Buildup


You know that sticky white crust that takes over showers if you get behind in your cleaning? That’s limescale, a collection of minerals left behind by hard water. This scale builds up over time and is an absolute pain to clean. 

But if you use a showerhead filter or, even better, a whole house water filter you can eliminate that buildup before it starts and keep your shower looking great for years to come.

So, what are your options?

Whether you’re remodeling or just taking your home’s water quality more seriously you can easily add a water filter to your shower, bathroom, or entire home. You have a variety of brands to choose from, but the underlying filtration technology usually falls into one of the following categories.

Vitamin C Filters: These are considered the best filtration system for showerheads. Ascorbic acid cartridges are used to neutralize more than 99% of chlorine and it’s byproducts while softening your water. However, the cartridges need to be replaced as they wear out, and they can be pricey.

Activated Carbon Filters: These are the most common option and resemble the filtration you find in most drinking water systems. Replacement cartridges are cheap, but they do lose effectiveness as water temperature rises, and they don’t soften water.

KDF Filters: These filters use metals to create an electrical charge, drawing in ionized particles and neutralizing them with calcium. While this is great for taking care of hard water they don’t eliminate chloramines.

Two-Stage Filters: Using zinc and granular copper to filter chlorine and a second stage activated carbon filter to remove other particles, these filters give you extremely high water quality at the expense of cost and complexity. 

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If you’d like to filter your home, bathroom, or shower water as part of a home bathroom remodel or simple home improvement, contact us today. We’re a one-stop shop and can help you choose the system that’s right for your needs and budget, with great installation and high quality customer service guaranteed!

2020 is well underway and so far, it’s been a doozy. But not all things 2020 need to be a big flaming ball of stress and mayhem, as this article will prove. We invite you to sit back, grab a nice cool drink, and read on about all the new and exciting Bathroom Tile Trends 2020 to watch—especially when it comes to bathroom tile. In a nutshell, the minimalism we’ve all seen so much of is gradually giving way to new creativity and flavor, and we’re a big fan.

hexagon tile bathroom fort collins

Dimensional Tile Designs

While subway tile isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it is giving ground to other geometric alternatives like herringbone tile, hexagon tile, and even scallop tiles. And it’s easy to see why. While once extremely dated, these retro styles (and some new ones) allow homeowners to maintain a simple, clean white bathroom while still making an interesting visual impact and giving the space a dose of character.

Expect to see dimensional tile used as flooring, bathroom backsplashes, and shower walls.


patterned tile bathroom floor fort collins Graphic Tile Patterns

For those looking for something truly unique and eye-catching, graphic tile is another retro trend that’s on the rise. Graphic tiles are available in soft, neutral hues that let the design speak for itself, or bold contrasting colors for those looking for some explosive energy.

Be prepared to find mostly encaustic ceramic graphic tiles as well as some new porcelain options.



wainscoting fort collins

Wainscoting and Partially Tiled Walls

Bringing tilework partially up your bathroom walls gives the space depth and drama, and there are a variety of different heights to choose from and coordinate around. Many homeowners choose to add a ledge or shelf above this tilework (if it is at countertop height), offering convenient storage space for personal necessities.




matte tile bathroom fort collins

Matte Tile Finishes

A rising trend from last year, matte tile is once again a popular choice in 2020. Matte tiles are understated and less dramatic than glossy options, making them better for hiding smudges, scuffs, and water marks. Plus you can find them in a variety of colors and shades including increasingly popular neutral and natural varieties like travertine and limestone.

subway tile bathroom fort collins

Evolving Subway Tile

Subway tile is incredibly popular, but it’s also a bit plain and due for some variation and creativity—which is exactly what we’re seeing. Subway tile trends today feature new colors, sizes, and shapes, especially long and skinny subway tiles, inky blues or jade green, and natural browns and gray tones.

These new subway tiles allow homeowners to break the monotony and add some character, while still keeping their décor clean, classic, and understated.

Expert Bathroom Tile Installation and Remodeling

At Artisan Remodeling & Design of Fort Collins Colorado, we love taking outdated or unremarkable bathrooms and renovating them into truly unique, comfortable, and functional spaces for you to enjoy. We hope you got inspired by our Bathroom Tile Trends 2020 blog. If you need bathroom tilework done or are considering options for updating your bathroom, give us a call at (970) 691-6995.

Our team would love to help you explore your vision and show you how we can make it a reality!

Why do businesses spend so much money making offices comfortable and attractive for their employees? Because the spaces we inhabit change the way we work. That’s the value and power of a well-designed, fully furnished home office.

Designing, decorating, and remodeling your home to include a home office is a real option that can give you a purpose-built, high productivity, social-distancing approved hub with everything you need to bring your profession home and get work done.

Check out some remodeling important key points for our Fort Collins Remodeling Services. Here’s how to start:

homeofficeinfortcollinsco1. Choose Your Location

Contrary to popular opinion your home office doesn’t need to be a standalone room or share space with your guest bedroom. That’s an option, and a good one for many people, but everyone is wired differently and your space should reflect that.

  • Do you work better in perfect quiet with no distractions? Or do you enjoy hearing conversations and having a feeling of activity nearby?
  • Do you need to be able to close a door in order to take calls with privacy, or are you ok operating while you spouse or children cook, snack, and play just around the corner?

Depending on your home’s layout you may be quite well-off establishing your home office in your porch, off your kitchen, or in a corner of your living room. Of, if you need more privacy, you can convert a portion of your bedroom or a spare bedroom, you can finish a portion of your basement, or even build out your attic.

It all depends on what is available, what is possible, and what will work best for you!



2. Take Care of the Basics

Your average home office requires need a few specific amenities, all of which need to be considered:

  • Electrical access
  • Internet access (Ethernet or strong WIFI signal)
  • A desk or work surface
  • Lighting (natural light is always preferred)
  • Ventilation
  • Storage

covidhomeofficce3. Consider Ergonomics

If there’s one productivity item you should never skimp on, it’s a comfortable chair. But home office ergonomics goes well beyond seating, encompassing the entire physical layout of your work area and how it contributes to your productivity and health.

Elements to consider include:

  • “Happy” sunlight therapy lighting, especially if natural light isn’t available
  • Mouse selection (adjustable DPI, form factor, hand size, grip style)
  • Additional external monitors to expand your screen area
  • Laptop/monitor risers to help keep your head and chin up for good posture
  • External keyboard to keep your wrists low and avoid carpal tunnel
  • An ergonomic and comfortable chair set to the correct height


homeofficebohofortcollins4. Furnish and Finish

Now it’s time to bring it all together. Your home office should be a comfortable and attractive space, one that makes you feel at-home and in control. If you’re working in a stark white room you might not have distractions, but you probably aren’t going to feel fully in your element either.

Work to make your space a fitting part of your overall home design and décor, and consider artwork and indoor plants if you have the space and sunlight.

You may also want to go the extra mile to remove clutter. Wireless computer peripherals are a good option, along with storage solutions and cable tamers to keep your wires and cords safely gathered, covered, and out of the way.

And let’s not forget what’s behind you either. With video conferencing now a critical part of the work from home experience, having an attractive, well-furnished, professional-looking space behind your head and shoulders can really pay off.

Develop Your Perfect Space

If you really need to crack down and get work done on your own terms, in your own space, Artisan Remodeling & Design can help with Fort Collins remodeling services. Contact us or call us directly at (970) 691-6995 and we’ll provide custom home office renovations designed with you in mind, as well as comprehensive home bathroom, kitchen, and basement remodeling services.

Proudly serving Fort Collins, Loveland, and the surrounding communities.

Fort Collins Home RemodelingMaybe it’s a decades-old bathroom complete with the original wallpaper, or a closed-off kitchen with cabinets that have seen too many coats of paint over the years. Or it could be a dirty, unfinished basement with so much wasted potential. Maybe it’s all of these at once.

In all of these cases and more, remodeling can vastly improve your home experience and give you a modern, comfortable space to enjoy. But many homeowners who would love to make this change hesitate, year after year, with no real plan to make it happen.

Why homeowners hesitate to experience a Fort Collins Home Remodeling project?

  • Cost
  • Stress
  • Fear


Home remodeling a big investment, no doubt about it. But just think of how valuable that new and improved space will be to you and your family. And what’s more, the return on investment for home improvement projects are not too shabby. You can recoup up to 90% of your project price when  it’s finally time to sell your home and cash in your nest egg.

If you aren’t sure about the potential cost of your project, we invite you to give us a call today at 1-970-691-6995 or 1-970-402-2099 for a free quote. You might be surprised at how achievable your dream kitchen, bathroom, or basement can be from a financial standpoint.


True, home improvements are disruptive, and during a home remodeling work you’ll need to adjust your schedule and make some alternate arrangements. But when your project is delivered by a qualified, professional team with the right tools and equipment for the job the work goes surprisingly fast, allowing us to minimize the disruption and stress you and your family encounter.

On top of that, when you choose to work with us, you will be choosing an organized experience from start to finish. We even have a software program that allows you to track daily schedules and financials right from the comfort of your own home. And, if you ever have a question, our 3 levels of management ensures that you will get an answer promptly, each and every time.


Most people only remodel a few times in their life, and not all of those experiences are universally positive. Perhaps you’re worried about picking the wrong materials or design, or you or a family member have had bad experiences with less-than-professional remodeling teams.

Whatever your fears, Artisan Remodeling and Design is here to help. We’re a 100% independent, family-owned local Fort Collins remodeling company which means that our reputation means everything. We would love to meet and work with you to develop a design you’ll love complete with our outstanding customer service, great value, and picture-perfect results.

You can start your Fort Collins home remodeling journey by checking out our work.

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