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It’s a good idea to get more than one quote for a home improvement or home remodeling project, as quote comparisons can give homeowners more options and a better idea of what the project will really cost. But comparing quotes can be surprisingly difficult and numbers and terms may vary a great deal in ways […]

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Are you a Northern Colorado homeowner thinking about a home renovation project? Thinking about what your home can be like after a renovation is exciting. The thought of finding a reliable home remodeling contractor to bring your vision to life… not so exciting. A lot of homeowners hesitate to get their renovation project underway because […]

Water Filter in Bathroom, Shower - Bathroom Remodeling - Fort Collins - Artisan Remodeling & Design

Despite the high standards quality standards of United States public water systems, a huge proportion of US homeowners choose to filter their drinking water, whether from concerns over safety, purity, or taste. But what about your bathroom water supply?  Are there any reasons why you would consider adding a residential water filter to treat the […]

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  Quartz vs. Granite Countertops Are you shopping for countertops and trying to decide between quartz and granite? Both quartz and granite are good choices when it comes to beautiful and durable countertops. However, there are some differences worth noting that can help you make a more informed choice. For starters, granite tends to have […]

Tile Bathroom - Bathroom Tile Trends 2020 - Fort Collins Bathroom Remodeling - Artisan Remodeling & Design

2020 is well underway and so far, it’s been a doozy. But not all things 2020 need to be a big flaming ball of stress and mayhem, as this article will prove. We invite you to sit back, grab a nice cool drink, and read on about all the new and exciting Bathroom Tile Trends […]

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Once upon a time American workers didn’t NEED a home office, or a home gym, or a home theater. These were optional spaces, nice extras for those who sometimes had to answer some emails after hours, or who didn’t feel like hiking out to the gym, or who really liked their at-home film experience. But […]