kitchen remodeling fort collins

Will this be the year? The year you finally take the plunge and ditch your old kitchen? At Artisan Remodeling & Design, we hope it is! Investing in any fresh space can have a remarkable impact on the way you feel about your home and your entire day-to-day experience, and that goes double for the kitchen.

If you’re on the fence about remodeling your kitchen, we invite you to contact our team today to discuss the possibilities and any design elements you’ve been considering for your Fort Collins Kitchen Remodeling. Remember, our design services are totally free! You should also consider the following five reasons why a brand new, remodeled kitchen is the right choice for your family!

Fresh Appliances

Home cooked meals are usually cheaper and definitely healthier than takeout or frozen food. Brush off your cookbook and enjoy the experience with brand new, built-in appliances that make meal prep faster, easier, and more enjoyable than ever.

Islands and Countertop Space

Kitchen islands have blossomed in recent years, and today it’s fair to say that they’re a focal point for the entire life experience of many homeowners. The kitchen island is where families eat, snack, play games, do homework, and spend time together—so make sure you have a countertop or island that’s ready!

Storage Access

If your pantry is too small, awkward to use, or too far away for easy access it can mess with the entire cooking experience. Have your pantry and any needed cabinets modernized and enjoy the benefits that ample, accessible storage space can provide.


So many kitchens of the past were built tucked away and closed off from the rest of the house, with poor lighting and cramped corners. No more! Whether it involves removing a wall, expanding a window, or breaking up a bulkhead, professional remodeling can open up and redesign your kitchen to make cooking and entertaining free and natural, so your kitchen becomes a real, functioning part of your house—and one that you’ll be excited to show off!


Your kitchen should be the centerpiece of your home, perfect and functional and modern all at once. Remodeling can give you that centerpiece space to display while increasing your home’s value and improving your entire day to day experience.

It’s a big change, and one that you’ll have years to enjoy once your project is finished. To learn more, request a free quote, or start the design process for your next Fort Collins Kitchen Remodeling project, contact us today at 1-970-691-6995 or 1-970-402-2099. Or, simply fill out our contact form.


Granite countertops are a smart addition to your Loveland kitchen remodel: not only do they look gorgeous with almost any decor, they’re also incredibly durable and easy to clean and maintain.  Best of all, granite countertops add value to your home.

The first consideration homeowners usually make when selecting their granite countertops is the stone itself, but another important factor will contribute to the overall look of the kitchen: granite edge.

When selected carefully, the right granite edge will enhance the beauty of your granite countertops as well as the rest of your kitchen, complementing designs from traditional to contemporary and everything in between.

For an ultra-modern look, nothing beats a perfectly straight edge, which preserves the clean lines of contemporary design.  However, for high-traffic kitchens and families with small children, the sharp corners of this edge may not be practical.

A popular choice across many kitchen design styles is a bullnose edge, which has softer lines but can still make a statement.  If you’re looking for something even smoother, a full round edge may be just the right fit for your kitchen.

For a more traditional space, the high-end ogee and cove ogee edges offer a delicate slope that will give your kitchen a touch of luxury.  These edges look especially nice with lighter countertops, which allow the detailing to really pop.

As always, contact us to learn more about planning your kitchen renovation.  From cabinets to countertops, we have the experience and expertise to bring your project together.